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Teddy development environment

Notes about environment, library and tool requirements

Teddy is intendent to work on multiple platforms, although only Win32 and linux environments have been tested so far. FreeBSD and Amiga versions have been known to be built at least once.

Teddy is developed concurrently in Microsoft Visual Studio C++ version 6 and GNU/Linux using g++. Workspace and Project files are included for VC, and autoconf, configure, and make tools are supported for GNU/Linux.

Teddy is written in C++, and uses STL, so you will need a compiler which supports these; LCC for example will not work. I have used Visual Studio 6 in Win32 environment and g++ in GNU/Linux. Project and workspace files are provided for Visual Studio 6, and configure script is provided for GNU/Linux.

Teddy depends on several libraries, which you need before you can build Teddy. The SDL library is the only absolutely required library. Others are optional, but highly recommended.

The most important library is the Simple Directmedia Library - SDL. Setting up SDL for Teddy should be simple in linux. For Windows, I have included headers and precompiled libraries.

Documentation for Teddy is generated using Doxygen. Doxygen is not required to build and test Teddy, but reading documentation of Doxygen helps to place documentation into sourcecode. Doxygen is only required to regenerate and update documentation from the sourcecode.