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Support information for CVS

CVS is concurrent version control system. It maintains file consistency when multiple users are working on the project at same time. It even enables to users to modify same files at the same time. It is essential that everyone uses CVS when working with Teddy.

When you use CVS, everyone has his or her own working copy of all files. Additionally there is a single repository, which maintains official version of files. The repository is maintained and located in Sourceforge. There are few important basic operations that you need.

Two most important operations are update and commit. Commit command compares your files to the reposity and sends the changes you have made to the repository. Update commands gets the latest versions of files from the reposity to your working copy. The changes that others have committed are now in your working copy.

You may wonder: If I make some changes and use update, will I lose my changes? No. Good. Wait. What if someone else has also changed the file, and committed changes before I have? Still no problems; when you make commit, CVS may tries to merge your changes. Sometimes it is not sure how this should be done, and you may have to manually decide what to do; CVS commit will abort and ask you to solve the conflict. Just open the file and edit it so that it will build again. You will notice that CVS has included both versions of parts that you both have changed.

You will have to manually add each new files to the CVS. Same applies to remove. Note that CVS interpretes files as text by default, and expects that it can make some changes to the file. This means that binary files are effectively corrupted by CVS unless you explicitly tell CVS that it should leavy this file exactly as it is given. To do this, add files using -kb options.

It would be a good convention to always update before commit, and never do commit until you are sure that it builds without any errors - at least on your favorite platform.

Practical use

Instructions how to check out your working copy are on separate page Getting Teddy to your machine.

Once you have made some modifications and you thing it would be time to commit your changes, do the following:

Notice: On Finnish/Swedish keyboard layout, the `-key is on the left side of backspace-key.

Congratulations, the CVS is now up to date with your working copy :)